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Leases and Tenancies

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced buyer or you are extending your Lease or purchasing the freehold we have an experienced team of solicitors with a wide breadth of experience and technical knowledge to assist you with all aspects of buying and selling flats, houses and commercial shops as well as extending leases or buying the freehold.

Extending leases, purchasing the freehold or obtaining rights to manage are complex areas of law with potential pitfalls and several complex procedures to follow. Our specialist solicitors have extensive experience in dealing with such claims and providing legal representation for clients in Tribunals and the County Courts as well as dealing with valuers' and surveyors' in this complex technical area.

Our specialist solicitors' work on all project sizes from single straightforward lease extension claims to freehold purchases of any building size from two flat converted houses to large buildings with several flats.

Spence & Horne Solicitors are forthcoming about our legal fees, and we work out a fee structure with you during the initial stage of your case. We are passionately committed to helping you understand your rights and obligations, enabling you to achieve your goal.

Working With You

On your first contact with us you will discuss your case with a specialist solicitor who will give you clear, jargon-free and unambiguous advice in every day English. From then on you will be kept fully updated on developments, listened to, answered without delay and given the support you need to secure to extend the lease or buy the freehold.

We believe that the client should be able to meet with their solicitor face to face – that is why we are located in the centre of Hackney near the bus stop and Hackney Central train station.