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We pride ourselves on providing good value for money to all our clients-

whether private individuals or large organizations- and are experienced at tailoring our services to suit clients' budgets.

We offer a range of funding options- from 'no win, no fee' to fixed fees, to legal aid and legal expenses insurance. We will discuss these options with you at the outset, and whatever funding method you choose, we will be transparent about costs and keep you informed all the way through. We offer a 10 minute free initial consultation or assessment of your case.

We offer the following funding arrangements: Paying for yourself

We will agree with you the fees at the outset and thereafter we will bill you at regular intervals so that you can track the costs that are being incurred on your behalf. We are confident that our lawyers provide great value for the costs incurred.

Legal Expenses Insurance

Many household and motor insurance policies include cover for legal costs. Please check the policy wording of your existing insurance policy before your first appointment to find out if this is an option in your case.

Legal Aid

If you qualify for legal aid the government will meet the costs of your case either wholly or partly from public funds. Legal aid is only available to those with limited means and with the approval of the Legal Aid Agency. Our lawyers will explain how the Legal Aid Schemes work and whether you are eligible.

Flexible Funding

For businesses and other organizations, we can offer a range of flexible funding options, tailored to your needs. These range from fixed fees, to menu pricing, to banded fee arrangements.

No Win No Fee

This is a way of funding a case without running the risk of facing big legal bills if you loose. No win no fee arrangements are often used alongside special insurance policy, called 'after-the-event' cover, which protects you from having to pay your opponent's costs if you loose. We can Advice you on whether your case is suitable for a conditional fee and how to find the best insurance policy.